The continuing frustrations of Apple Music

The ‘functional high ground’ argument is in the air again, with various tech journalists and podcasters weighing in with their opinions on various parts of Apple software. There are still occasional glimpses of former glory: Music Memos was quietly released and is the kind of songwriting tool I’d have loved to have, back when I […]

The State vs. the State vs. Adnan Syed

I have of course been following the Adnan Syed post-conviction relief hearing on the Twitter and via podcast updates. These hearings can only take place if the defence team has new evidence to present, which means their scope is very limited, and cannot, for example, continue arguments from the original trial, or include stuff like, […]

Ted Baker Fastnet Bluetooth speaker

First things first: no way is this thing worth anywhere near £200, which was its list price before being reduced to about £90, which is when I bought it. Available in several colours, this leather-and-metal object evokes nothing so much as a 1950/1960s transistor radio, if those things had been built like a brick shit-house […]

The Great Battlestar Galactica Rewatch

Having burned through Stargate Universe, I decided to also rewatch BSG. I’ve owned the boxed set for years (and even watched half of Caprica before I lost interest), and me and my youngest watched Season 1 and much of Season 2 over the holiday. A few observations. I’m much more aware of the religious themes and especially […]

Desperate Island Discs

  Every now and then I revisit the idea of the eight tracks you’d take with you to the mythical radio 4 island. I’ve done it here and also here. So here are the current crop based on current obsessions. If you care to see what has survived between my fantasy appearances on this show, take […]