Mouldy Old Dough

I can make a loaf, some rolls, a brioche, a pizza base. I’ve been baking bread for nearly 50 years although I’ve never considered myself particularly good at it. I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to put myself on YouTube showing people how to do things. It took me 70 years before I even attempted … Continue reading Mouldy Old Dough

Give me this at least

If I could make a bargain with the universe over what I was allowed to eat without causing an eczema flare-up, I wouldn't ask for much. It turns out, if I don't eat butter I eat a lot less bread, and if I eat a lot less bread I eat a lot less cheese. I … Continue reading Give me this at least

Caputo Criscito Lievito Naturale and Caputo Viola 00 Flour

A biga or poolish is a form of bread starter or pre-ferment. Not exactly a true sourdough, it’s a way of developing complexity of flavour and a light, open texture, and still requires some planning ahead. Since my problems with eczema* started, I’ve been experimenting with longer fermentation times for my pizza crusts. You should … Continue reading Caputo Criscito Lievito Naturale and Caputo Viola 00 Flour