The illness and the illusion

I don’t think surprised is the right word, but one of the things that has been niggling at my brain during this pandemic is all the economic reporting. While it’s clear why hospitals and supermarkets need to remain open, and, yes, there needs to be some kind of childcare provision for those workers, it is … Continue reading The illness and the illusion

8 Short posts about lockdown

I sat for several minutes looking at the blank space at the end of the title. I don't know what to call this. It's not really a lockdown. My wife just went out for a bike ride. I went for a walk in the wind yesterday. Some of my colleagues have been to work. But … Continue reading 8 Short posts about lockdown

Social = Moral

One of the many things I learned from the Rev. Dougie Davies' Social Anthropology course at university is that our concept of morality is inextricably linked to our concept of the social. You don't need a religious framework to know that anti-social behaviour is immoral. What we think of as "anti-social" evolves alongside our society … Continue reading Social = Moral