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New Light on the Beatles Equation

Rolling Stone magazine has a list of the Top Ten Beatles Books. You may not be surprised to learn that there isn’t a single book written by a woman in the list. Still, boys love lists, don’t they? And the alphabetising, train-spotting tendency is dominant in rock criticism. Mark Lewisohn has taken it to such […]

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A New Bob Dylan Album You Say?

I’m reminded today of an hilarious moment in Tim Moore’s rather excellent book French Revolutions, about his attempt, as a fairly rickety and unfit man, to complete the route of the Tour de France on a fairly rickety bicycle. When you’re cycling, you’re moving at the kind of speed that means you notice all the […]

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3 Thumbs Up

For a few months now, as previously mentioned, I’ve been getting to grips with the McCartney solo material I had long ignored. This is thanks to a variety of podcasts, including Nothing is Real and I Am the Eggpod. The latter is a mixed bag: a tendency to be a bit bland but some high-profile […]

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Reunions – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Someone posted a ‘funny’ clipping on Twitter this morning about a town in California declaring itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for businesses and flagging its intention to defy the statewide lockdown rules. (For future historians puzzling over this fragment, there was a viral pandemic in 2020, and the United States, led by sociopaths, had the highest […]

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One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time by Craig Brown

Ah, the index. What would we do without it? First of all, I have to say, there are too many people involved with the Beatles with similar names. I can sort out Brian and Clive Epstein, sure, but Alistair Taylor and Derek Taylor? It’s not so long ago that I read Peter Brown’s (terrible) book […]

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8 Short posts about lockdown

I sat for several minutes looking at the blank space at the end of the title. I don’t know what to call this. It’s not really a lockdown. My wife just went out for a bike ride. I went for a walk in the wind yesterday. Some of my colleagues have been to work. But […]

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Nerds have bad taste

One thing I’ve noticed about many (or even most) of my podcast friends is that they have questionable taste in music. This should not be much of a surprise, since they also demonstrate questionable taste elsewhere. For example, many of them like comic books; others like Star Wars; others play Dungeons and Dragons. Needless to […]

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A few reviews

I’ve been reading Coin (the link is to the Amazon UK Kindle edition), by friend of the blog Ed Adams (who blogs over at Rashbre Central). It’s an espionage thriller set in the world of cryptocurrency and high finance, and might appeal to you if like me you enjoyed the BBC podcast series The Missing […]

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Country Music by Ken Burns – a belated review

I’ve not written about this documentary series, which has come and gone by now, but I do have Thoughts, have had Thoughts for a while, so I ought to Set Them Down. First of all, boo to PBS for only releasing the cut down version to other markets. These episodes were originally around two hours […]

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A cold earworm is the best revenge

While I’ve always known about the back and forth between the Beatles after the break up, my lack of interest in their solo material meant that I was only really aware of the headline grabbing “How Do You Sleep?” with its on-the-nose and ungrammatical lines such as Those freaks was right when they said you […]