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The great podcast cull of 2020

I’ve been scrolling through Overcast (my podcatcher of choice) over the past few weeks and ruthlessly Kondoing all the podcasts that fail to spark joy in my heart. This morning I deleted one as I was halfway through listening to its latest episode. I can hardly name names because some of them were so forgettable […]

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New Light on the Beatles Equation

Rolling Stone magazine has a list of the Top Ten Beatles Books. You may not be surprised to learn that there isn’t a single book written by a woman in the list. Still, boys love lists, don’t they? And the alphabetising, train-spotting tendency is dominant in rock criticism. Mark Lewisohn has taken it to such […]

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Seven Short Stories About Staying Alert

During this lockdown period, I have enjoyed my bike rides sans helmet and wearing clothing that looks (to the untrained eye at least) like ordinary clothes. I do this (unironically) pour encourager les autres, because I want some of the “new” cyclists out there to see that you don’t have to dress in the Full […]

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3 Thumbs Up

For a few months now, as previously mentioned, I’ve been getting to grips with the McCartney solo material I had long ignored. This is thanks to a variety of podcasts, including Nothing is Real and I Am the Eggpod. The latter is a mixed bag: a tendency to be a bit bland but some high-profile […]

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The cycle of memory

I’ve been out on my bike quite a bit lately; yes, because of lockdown, but mostly because the weather has been so good. I’ve certainly cycled more this April than I did last year. I rediscovered the joy of listening to music on my rides, because it had been mostly my habit in recent times […]

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8 Short posts about lockdown

I sat for several minutes looking at the blank space at the end of the title. I don’t know what to call this. It’s not really a lockdown. My wife just went out for a bike ride. I went for a walk in the wind yesterday. Some of my colleagues have been to work. But […]

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Nerds have bad taste

One thing I’ve noticed about many (or even most) of my podcast friends is that they have questionable taste in music. This should not be much of a surprise, since they also demonstrate questionable taste elsewhere. For example, many of them like comic books; others like Star Wars; others play Dungeons and Dragons. Needless to […]

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The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray

Headline: decent thriller + botched science fiction premise = cursed novel. I know AHM these days by dint of his presenting the Private Eye podcast, Page 94, though he’ll also be familiar to listeners of There’s No Such Thing as a Fish, the podcast of the QI elving community. Personally I’ve always really hated the […]

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Podcasts of the moment

Change comes slowly and then all at once. Looking through my list of podcast subscriptions, it’s interesting to note the ones that were the mainstays and which are now, often, the mehs. Consider a core trio: The Talk Show (by John Gruber of Daring Fireball) is one of the earliest podcasts I ever picked up. […]

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Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

I found this book too upsetting to enjoy, I’ll say that straight away. It’s well-written, and full of fascinating dialect words, but there comes a particularly brutal point in the story, and I couldn’t go on. I kind of skim-read, fast-forwarded through the rest, which I feel bad about, but that was all I could […]