We Need to Talk About…

I’m actually quite getting used to the long overnight drive to and from France. Since joining the Frequent Traveller programme, this has been the default mode, and for the most part it avoids the dread stress of 17-mile queues at passport control. In the middle of the night, even the passport control people are less … Continue reading We Need to Talk About…

The waiting is the hardest part

There are three things I want from a holiday. The first and most important is a complete break from work. The other two things I want to do on holiday are to ride my bike and read my books. We travel to my wife's house in France for most of our holidays. During the summer, … Continue reading The waiting is the hardest part

Vicarious Road Trip

Lake Meredith, near Fritch, Texas Back in my 20s, when I had my first, badly paid, job, I would indulge often in fantasy road trips. One of my favourite reading genres was the drive-across/around-America journal, from Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie to William Least Heat Moon's Blue Highways via Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, … Continue reading Vicarious Road Trip

Loco Motion

Copenhagen: better than here There have been a few airport trips this week, relating to the kids and their near-future plans. Most of my long-distance driving over the past few years has taken place (a) in the middle of the night; and (b) in France, but this week I’ve seen Britain’s drivers raw in tooth … Continue reading Loco Motion

Night traveler

I’m not keen on catching sight of my fellow travelers on the channel tunnel. I don’t like to see people in their road clothes, their scuffs, their baggies, their trackies, their onesies. Their pyjamas. I think you should have standards when it comes to presenting yourself in public. And that bombed out roadtrip look upsets … Continue reading Night traveler

Car bore: 80

I’ll start by saying that I don’t really mind the new 80 kph speed limit. I’m rational enough to know that in terms of journey time and arrival time, taking into account 50 kph villages, acceleration and deceleration, tractors, lorries, the timid and the hesitant, it’s not going to make much difference. We’re not travelling … Continue reading Car bore: 80