What a waste: the future’s rubbish

Every now and then the press gets exercised about your bins. They’re getting smaller, or they’re only being collected once a fortnight, or they’re going to be chipped, or weighed, or they won't be emptied if you leave it in the wrong place (see image left, which comes from this story)… Nothing upsets Middle England … Continue reading What a waste: the future’s rubbish

I’ve always been a Maverick

When I updated my phone to iOS 7 a few weeks ago, I was a little concerned. I know enough to know that you should never, ever, be an early adopter. But I've always been a maverick, so I went for it. After a couple of days, I updated my iPad, too. In both cases, … Continue reading I’ve always been a Maverick

Apps for Cyclists

I’ve tried a number of apps for cycling, but the one I keep returning to is Cyclemeter. Unlike a lot of the others, Cyclemeter is a paid app, and the great thing about that is that it doesn’t nag you constantly to upgrade to a “pro” version. I am not a pro, have no aspirations … Continue reading Apps for Cyclists