Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

[Speaking to Roy Plomley’s head in a jar] For my third appearance on the show, Roy, I’ve selected eight disks that mean a lot to me, right now. For those spotting trends, this selection sees a welcome return of two from my first island visit, but none at all from my second. What was I … Continue reading Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

This song haunts me

It starts with a heavy-handed, somewhat plodding kick-snare-kick-kick-snare drum pattern, joined after a couple of bars with acoustic guitar, and electric guitar playing an intro riff, and then the voice. You keep thinking the beat will drag on the melody, or the melody on the beat, but they remain in world weary synch throughout. The … Continue reading This song haunts me