Seven Stories about the Election

Non-voters, yesterday Less than a week now, and while one hates* to judge people on mere appearances, all hope is lost. I was in the tyre place this morning, and couldn't help but remark that you don't ever see Eloi in the tyre place, only Morlocks† or those too hideous to qualify even as Morlocks. … Continue reading Seven Stories about the Election

Political Homelessness

Everything it’s possible to say about it has already been said, and the thundering of laptop keyboards can be heard tappety tap tapping throughout the land. This coming half-term, I’ll be driving out of a country that is within the European Union and perhaps returning to one that is without. Our cat will be travelling … Continue reading Political Homelessness

Night traveler

I’m not keen on catching sight of my fellow travelers on the channel tunnel. I don’t like to see people in their road clothes, their scuffs, their baggies, their trackies, their onesies. Their pyjamas. I think you should have standards when it comes to presenting yourself in public. And that bombed out roadtrip look upsets … Continue reading Night traveler

Instant Pharma

The schools were closed, so I had a look online last night at the Kafkaesque appointment booking system and changed my doctor's appointment from the 18th to this morning at 8:30. Latest symptom of my gradual falling apart: constantly watering eyes. Which was ironic because walking down to the doctors in the snow this morning … Continue reading Instant Pharma