Give me this at least

If I could make a bargain with the universe over what I was allowed to eat without causing an eczema flare-up, I wouldn't ask for much. It turns out, if I don't eat butter I eat a lot less bread, and if I eat a lot less bread I eat a lot less cheese. I … Continue reading Give me this at least

The Boy in the Bread Bubble

Surveying the trolley after doing the grocery shopping last night, I realised that – for someone who is supposed not to be eating wheat anymore – I still have way too much invested in beautiful bread. It's the stuff of life! The big Waitrose in MK does a sliced (and toaster-shaped) sourdough from the Bertinet … Continue reading The Boy in the Bread Bubble

Detox yer box

When people talk about detoxing, they’re usually referring to the idea of cleaning out your system by abstaining from something for a period of time, or by only eating one genre of food for a weekend or so. So a weekend drinking nothing but fruit juice, for example, or a (first two weeks of) January … Continue reading Detox yer box

Thumbnail sketches

For the past couple of years I've been suffering (although that's a strong term for what is an inconvenient irritation at most) from a permanently split thumbnail. Of all the signs of encroaching old age that one might fear (creaking joints, high blood pressure, spreading waistline), grooved fingernails seems like something trivial, but when one … Continue reading Thumbnail sketches