Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

[Speaking to Roy Plomley’s head in a jar] For my third appearance on the show, Roy, I’ve selected eight disks that mean a lot to me, right now. For those spotting trends, this selection sees a welcome return of two from my first island visit, but none at all from my second. What was I … Continue reading Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

Looking Into You – A Tribute to Jackson Browne

This seems to have been released in a low-key way. These tribute albums are fairy standard fare by now, and they follow a common pattern. They're always a mixed bag, but one for Jackson Browne was overdue. Those who contribute do so out of respect for the original artist, and (probably) an affection for a … Continue reading Looking Into You – A Tribute to Jackson Browne