Podcastination Nation

Thought it was about time for an update on what's in the 'casting playlist. I just subscribed to The Missing Cryptoqueen (BBC), which was featured on this week's Fortunately (also BBC). It's the story of what appears to be a financial scam on a massive scale: a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a cryptocurrency. It's a … Continue reading Podcastination Nation

Tom Petty – An American Treasure

https://youtu.be/bN9OHDssYSE There’s a story they tell about Tom Petty breaking his hand in frustration during the recording of the track “Rebels” on the Heartbreakers’ album Southern Accents. Continually comparing their recording with his original demo, Petty left the studio after their latest attempt and punched the wall. This story is a lesson for perfectionists everywhere, … Continue reading Tom Petty – An American Treasure


Concerned as I am about privacy and the abuse of that privacy by companies like Amazon and Google, I was never in the market for a smart speaker. I was of course more interested in the Apple HomePod, but it's not a product that would fit my particular life. For example, the idea that you … Continue reading Wonderboom

Jason Isbell and Tift Merritt, Birmingham Symphony Hall, 31st October 2017

https://youtu.be/LHsh2bro4RM   I booked the tickets for this gig in a moment of passion for music, but as the date came closer I was filled with reluctance because it would be a school/work night, and I knew I'd be tired. Of course, I'm glad I went, although the traffic in Birmingham at arrival time was … Continue reading Jason Isbell and Tift Merritt, Birmingham Symphony Hall, 31st October 2017