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Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald

According to its Wikipedia entry, this novel has been called Game of Thrones in space. You can see what is meant by that: this is a novel about near-future industrial dynasties on a commercialised and privatised Moon. It’s about a murderous and deadly frontier where there is no law except contract law and where there are […]

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An interview with the author

Frequently Arsed caught up with T O McKee, author of Class War: the teacher’s story, a novel about life in a bog-standard comprehensive academy school in 21st century Britain. We asked all the burning questions that readers want answered. First things first: why did you choose to publish under a pseudonym? It’s not because I’ve breached confidentiality […]

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A book: Class War

Update: fellow blogger Rashbre has put up a review of Class War, which has some interesting insights.  === I need to write a better blurb for it, but: it’s about Dave Coote, a teacher who’s struggling along in an academy school and facing up to the fact that the job is becoming impossible because of creeping […]

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Medusa’s Web by Tim Powers – Review

My favourite author* Tim Powers has released a new novel just four years after the last one (has it been so long, Tim?), which is very exciting. A new Powers is an event to savour, and you want to force yourself to read slowly so as not to use it all up. My copy is […]

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Three reviews: Career of Evil, Introducing Darlene Love, and Cass County.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (Cormoran Strike 3) I’ve noticed a certain amount of sniffiness coming from the direction of some established crime writers in reference to J K Rowling’s crime-writing alter-ego. It reminds me a little of the famous quote from Palm CEO Ed Colligan about Apple making a phone. “PC guys are […]


Canada by Richard Ford (review)

Literary fiction is not really my genre, but in straitened circumstances (in France without enough to read) I picked this up, along with some others, in the Belfort Fnac. Although this 2012 novel features both a bank robbery and a double murder, you can tell it’s not really in the crime genre, because the focus […]

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The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu – Review

The hyphen in the title is important, of course. Without it, you could be forgiven for thinking of this as some kind of thriller, in which a killer has the problem of disposing of three bodies. The hyphenated title refers to the problem of calculating the chaotic orbits and relative positions of three massive objects […]


The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

It’s not what you think it’s going to be. Those are the words you’ll hear frequently in connection with the Nebula/Hugo-nominated The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison’s novel of court intrigue against the steampunk backdrop of a fantasy kingdom of goblins and elves. (Which immediately puts me in mind of Woody Allen’s ‘The Ransom Note‘ routine, in […]

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On re-reading Tim Powers’ Declare – again

Mild spoiler alert. I know the novel inside out and back to front by now, but every time I pull it off the shelf, I am soon lost in the pleasure of its familiarity. Declare is my desert island, indeed my dessert island book, and my love for it is as deep as my love […]

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Adventures in self-publishing: unanswered questions

Light spoiler alert. In the opening scene of The Obald, one of the lead characters, while in the shower, hears a song she likes on the radio—but misses the artist name and title. This little mystery hints at something larger.  The story begins near the ending, in 2013, and then rewinds to 1983.  The 1983 […]