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Flickr mircl

A while ago, I wrote an extended post about how I was locked out of my original Flickr account. You can read it here. What was especially galling about the whole thing was that, even though I’d started a new Flickr account to continue my use of the service, I never did use it very […]


The Great Flickr Shitr

Flickr was one of the earliest social networks, starting in February 2004, and, among other things, pioneered the use of the hashtag, which later became a key part of the Twitter experience. It was a place where you could upload photos/descriptions, connect with other users, join groups, make comments, and create themed collections of your […]


Panasonic DMC-GM1 Review (part 1)

This is the camera I’ve been waiting for all my photographic life. I’ve used and owned a number of point-and-shoot camera and SLRs, analogue and digital, over the years, with mixed feelings of various kinds. My first couple of SLRs were borrowed. There was a lovely Canon AE-1 my sister had, with a couple of […]