The Great Flickr Shitr

Flickr was one of the earliest social networks, starting in February 2004, and, among other things, pioneered the use of the hashtag, which later became a key part of the Twitter experience. It was a place where you could upload photos/descriptions, connect with other users, join groups, make comments, and create themed collections of your … Continue reading The Great Flickr Shitr


The Ile-d’Yeu is a 30 minute ferry journey from the French mainland, off the Vendée coast.  The Vendée is my favourite part of France: a different kind of landscape, with (I seem to recall) the second best microclimate in France. The Cote d’Azur gets first prize for sunshine, and has the calm, warm waters of … Continue reading Microcosmic

The balcony

We persuaded my oldest to come away with us in the summer, guessing it might be a while before the whole family went on holiday together. She won't be with us this Christmas, and who knows what she'll be wanting to do next summer, after 'A' levels? Anyway, it occurred to me that I might … Continue reading The balcony

Google Photos

I blogged a while ago about the new Apple Photos for Mac, and gave the post a rather intemperate title because I was frustrated by the application's refusal to connect to the Store to print a book, and by the outrageously high pricing of Apple's iCloud storage options. A lot of tech pundits scratch their heads … Continue reading Google Photos