Catalina: regrets, I’ve had a few

Last week was WWDC, the Apple developer festival at which it’s traditional for the next version of macOS to be announced. This year it was Big Sur, the first version of macOS that will run not just on Intel processors but on “Apple Silicon”, in yet-to-be-announced Macs. Apple have designed their own chips for years, […]

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Sticky post: My latest book

Back in, um, 2011, I wrote about using Scrivener to publish an ebook. And then in 2014, I wrote about the process of producing a paperback book with Createspace. Well. Since then, software has been updated, Amazon have absorbed Createspace into their Kindle self-publishing platform, and I’ve written another book. So I thought it would […]


Apple and Education

Apple held an education event last week at a ridiculously huge high school in Chicago. It was squarely aimed at what used to be one of their core (and most loyal) markets: K-12 schools in the United States. On this side of the pond, there have only been isolated areas where Apple gets a look-in. […]

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The continuing frustrations of Apple Music

The ‘functional high ground’ argument is in the air again, with various tech journalists and podcasters weighing in with their opinions on various parts of Apple software. There are still occasional glimpses of former glory: Music Memos was quietly released and is the kind of songwriting tool I’d have loved to have, back when I […]


Little Red Riding Hood

I wrote and recorded this song some time ago. I think it must have been one of the last things I did with my late-lamented Pro Tools system. I listened to it the other day for the first time in ages. Quite a lot of the music I recorded back then was a bit rubbish, […]