Star Trek 2017 – graphic designers in space?

CBS have announced that they're launching a new¬†Star Trek TV series in 2017, to be screened (in the USA) on their streaming service All Access. I wonder what that means for the UK? Amazon? Netflix? A CBS app on Apple TV? Sky Atlantic? I'd be surprised if any of the terrestrial broadcasters bothered with it. … Continue reading Star Trek 2017 – graphic designers in space?

Why Stargate Universe was under-rated

Over the years, I've grown all-too-used to my various Freeview boxes and PVRs choosing to fuck up scheduled recordings while I'm away in France, so I wasn't surprised to discover on my return this time that a forced retune had buggered all my stuff from about Wednesday onwards, meaning that I missed the last few … Continue reading Why Stargate Universe was under-rated