Turning off the streaming tap

So, as previously noted, I (re)signed up for a 3-month trial of Apple Music. I was thwarted in my reasons for doing this but kept the trial going because the kid is on a rockandroll roadtrip and probably making use of it. But! It makes me sad. I've also revisited Spotify, taking them up on … Continue reading Turning off the streaming tap

Apple’s TV Service: Has Peak TV Peaked?

Original caption: "It's taken an eternity but 38-year-old Frank Lampard is finding form in Major League Soccer" Apple held an event last week in order to announce a bunch of services; notably, a TV service and an Apple-branded credit card, backed by Goldman Sachs — the bank who brought you 2008 Crash: The Fuckening. While … Continue reading Apple’s TV Service: Has Peak TV Peaked?


When I stand back and take a good look at it, I cannot honestly say that Netflix is worth the money to pay for it full-time. Obviously, there’s enough on the service to keep you busy for a few months, binge-watching the good stuff. But then, what are you missing out on if you unsubscribe … Continue reading Netshits

Master of None

If I'm honest, the thing I've mot enjoyed watching on Netflix has been Stargate Universe, which (though cruelly cut short) is still the best 40 episodes of TV science fiction ever broadcast. And although I'd seen it before, I really enjoyed bingeing it, and watched 3-4 episodes a night since coming home in the New … Continue reading Master of None