Macca: Quite Talented Shock

Years ago, when I was a teenager and a keen listener to Radio Caroline, I came upon what I thought was a Michael Moorcock science fiction novel featuring the band Hawkwind. Wait, come back. Anyway, Moorcock’s bibliography is chaotic, to say the least, but this book was possibly The Time of the Hawklords, long disowned … Continue reading Macca: Quite Talented Shock


Back in November, I posted about Imaginary Beatles Albums, playing the popular game of wondering what albums they’d have put out if they’d settled their differences and carried on. I’ve added a one more imaginary playlist since then, a post-1974 playlist featuring releases up to 1980 and beyond. But as with all of them, it’s … Continue reading Solotude

All good children: Mark Lewisohn’s Hornsey Road

Went to see Mr Lewisohn's cutely-named talk about Abbey Road in Northampton. If you're familiar with his books, you know that nobody knows more than Lewisohn about The Beatles, and I went in expecting the Full Trivia: the anecdotes, rumours, related events, cardboard cutouts and hidden extra tracks. And that's what you get, give or … Continue reading All good children: Mark Lewisohn’s Hornsey Road

The Beatles – All These Years: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

My reaction to the news of this book, back in 2013 when it was first published in hardback, was probably not uncommon: does the world really need another book about The Beatles? I had read so many, from the Hunter Davies authorised biography that was published before they even broke up to the lush hagiography … Continue reading The Beatles – All These Years: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn


Nobody cares what I think, but the Beatles have been such a huge part of my life that I want to leave this comment here. I don't particularly like talk of 5th Beatles, whether it's Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best, Billy Preston or George Martin being referred to. There were four Beatles and they worked with … Continue reading George