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Brainwashed by TV Cop Shows

“He was a serial killer. You did your job.” Cardinal So it goes. I’ve been wrestling over the past few days with the obvious cognitive dissonance between fictional cops and the real, paramilitary thing stalking the streets of American Cities in armoured vehicles and body armour, beating up protestors and – over and over and […]

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A tale of three books

The problem with holidays, for me, is always the packing of enough books. I always seem to underestimate my requirements, even with strong memories of the last time I did so. I bought a few library books with me this time, and Provenance by Ann Leckie, which I’d been saving up for this special occasion, […]

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Some book reviews

Eleven books so far, in this summer of reading, including Tim Powers’ Declare, which I’ve read before and will read many times more. Here’s something of a test, then. Can I remember much about the others? Excuse the lack of cover images: on borrowed French wifi, which is painfully, rurally, slow. Borderline – Mishell Baker […]