Tom Petty – An American Treasure There’s a story they tell about Tom Petty breaking his hand in frustration during the recording of the track “Rebels” on the Heartbreakers’ album Southern Accents. Continually comparing their recording with his original demo, Petty left the studio after their latest attempt and punched the wall. This story is a lesson for perfectionists everywhere, … Continue reading Tom Petty – An American Treasure

Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

[Speaking to Roy Plomley’s head in a jar] For my third appearance on the show, Roy, I’ve selected eight disks that mean a lot to me, right now. For those spotting trends, this selection sees a welcome return of two from my first island visit, but none at all from my second. What was I … Continue reading Desssert Isssland Dissscs – Take 3

Frankly, my dear

So I was listening to Kermode's review of Frank yesterday, and I've read a couple of others which praise it in equal measure. I'm trying to remember exactly what year it might have been, but I once had the misfortune to witness the phenomenon that was Frank Sidebottom at close quarters. Jonathan Richman is one … Continue reading Frankly, my dear